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We have heard it said time and time again;

There is no planet B.

We all want to do our best to ensure that this planet is here and thriving not only for us but for generations to come. However, I know; having tried and failed multiple times, how difficult it can be to live an eco-friendly life and retrain yourself to develop new patterns and habits that aren’t harmful to the environment and our planet.

Over the past year, I have tried desperately to find ways to make the eco swap. Searching online for products, spending money on swaps and forcing myself to get rid of things I deemed as “harmful for the environment”. I soon realised, that although I was splashing the cash,

I was not truly living an eco-conscious life but instead feeding into the world of commercialisation.

In order to stop myself from going stir crazy as well as broke, I decided to take a different approach. After all, it didn’t matter how much I was spending or swapping if it wasn’t sustainable.

I created this blog to help others learn just how simple and cheap it is to make the eco swap! And how little changes in your life can have a big impact not just on the earth but on your life and wellbeing too.

So if you want to find out my tricks and tips, keep reading and keep discovering ways to live an earth-conscious lifestyle.

the eco life


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