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Easy Eco Swaps: Kitchen Towels

As mentioned in previous posts, I never quite understood the use of kitchen towels. My family never used them growing up and I have only ever bought them for large gatherings where I know lots spillages are going to occur – usually when I hosted a party at University.

My home has always had some sort of mirco-fibre cloth in the kitchen and a similar option for the bathroom. Although I have had the “How unhygienic?!” comments, there are plenty of ways to ensure you can incorporate this earth-friendly habit into your life without worry about germs and bacteria.

Take a look at my three quick tips for kicking out kitchen towels:

1. Reusue Tea Towels

After months of washing and reusing dish towels, they can start to look a little sad, meaning hanging them off your oven handle for all to see can be a bit embarrassing.

Why not cut them in half or quarters and store them for wiping down spills. You can even keep them in a glass jar on the side of your worktop so they are easy to reach.

These cloths are made for soaking up liquid so don’t throw them out, reuse them!

2. Colour Code

I try to colour code my cloths and rags, just to make sure there is no cross contamination between cloths used for the kitchen counter, the bathroom and other odd-jobs.

You can even use natural dyes from food to be sustainable and create some beautiful earth-toned cloths. Avocado skins, acorns and pomegranate skins are great for creating an array of natural dyes.

3. Weekly Washes

I hand rinse and dry my rags after

each use, sometimes using soap if necessary. However, once I feel they are dirty, I rinse them, then chuck them in my washing machine ready to be washed with my next run.

If you feel they are slightly stained, use some baking powder to remove stubborn stains.

If you want to splash out a bit, invest in some good quality microfiber cloths.

You can even easily find bamboo cotton micro-fibre cloths that are sustainably sourced and durable. Usually costing around £1.50 for two cloths at local supermarkets, you could be making massive savings in the long run.

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Have you made the kitchen towel swap yet? Let me know in the comments below.

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