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Easy Swaps: Cling Film

Cling Film has become a hot-topic over the last year, with products like beeswax wrap becoming increasingly popular and cling film becoming heavily frowned upon, people are always on the hunt for great alternatives to such a widely used product. I do own some beeswax wrap however I don’t believe it is always the best option especially when you are spending £25 for 3 sheets of what is essentially cotton.

Although they are long lasting, there are lots of other cheaper alternatives out there for you to pick from – you may even have some in your cupboard already. While making the transition away from cling-film I found a wealth of different products at different price points are listed below.

1. Lunch Boxes and Containers

We all have those old plastic containers from either takeaways or lunches that we have either bought in the past or bought in a hurry. Don’t be tempted to throw these in the bin when you are transitioning to an earth-friendly lifestyle, these plastic containers don’t need to head to the landfill especially if they are not made from recyclable material.

Make the most of them and transfer your produce into you’re a plastic container for a zero-ish waster alternative at no extra cost.

2. Silicone Covers

I stumbled across these beauties on a recent trip to Ikea, at £3.75 a set, these silicone alternatives are durable, dishwasher friendly and come in different sizes.

The ÖVERMÄTT range is great for wrapping over fruits, vegetables and small plates or bowls. They are extremely easy to clean and are my new favourite household product. You can also purchase a larger round and rectangular set for bigger dishes. However, as a side note, I have also seen cheaper alternatives on Amazon which comes in even more sizes and shapes meaning you probably won’t have to buy cling film again.

3. Make Your Own

If you do fancy going down the natural cotton and beeswax route, why not make your own beeswax wrap. I decided to make my own from some leftover cotton fabric, investing in a small pot of beeswax, pine resin and jojoba oil from an online shop. Pine resin makes the wraps even stickier and the jojoba oil has antibacterial properties, so to me they are a key ingredient to creating long lasting wraps. I have used my wraps on a variety of foods and the smell never lingers and these wraps are my go to for wrapping sandwiches for work.

They can be a bit time-consuming and messy to make but with my recipe below, you can make around 10 wraps – I gave some to friends and family.

Click here to find out how to make your own on a budget.

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