Frequently asked questions

how much does delivery cost?

Our standard UK delivery time is 3-5 days at a cost of £3.50. However please be aware that as our stock comes from a avriety of distibuters, if you order multiple items from different suppliers they may arrive at different times.

do you ship internationally?

As we are a new company, we currently do not ship internationally, however keep and eye out as we hope to do in the future.

is you packaging eco-friendly?

We use biodegradble and recyclable packaging to ship all products. We also ensure that companies who ship direct to customers through us only use packaging that does not harm the environment, wehther it be biodegrable bubblewrap or recyclable cardboard packaging.

how do you ensure your suppliers are ethical?

We want our customers to shop with their values in mind, whether it be eco-friendly, ethically sourced, sustainably sourced, vegan or all of the above! We have researched our suplpiers to ensure they are following the best practices - with products coming from all around the globe, our suppliers have visited and audited factories and production houses first hand to ensure they carry out ethical and sustainble practices. As for our handmade products, they are made by our co-founders right here in the UK. Please note that with some prodtcs we cannot 100 % guarntee they are ethically sourced, therefore we have labelled products to make it easier for you to shop!

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