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about us. 

At the eco life we believe that doing a little bit goes a long way.

Our blog is dedicated to providing everyday people with eco-friendly tips and tricks to enable you to be more earth-friendly in your everyday life. There are plenty of alternatives to products that contribute to harming our environment and we want you to know the most sustainable way of integrating swaps into your life. 

We also understand the difficulty in transitioning to a zero-waste or an eco-friendly lifestyle especially when you do not have a disposable income and how everyone loves to enjoy the little luxuries in life. 


We want to ensure our readers can discover how to transition to earth-friendly living while keeping their budgets, values and creature comforts in mind. 

our ethos.

We keep three things in mind when writing articles and product reviews to make sure our modern-day eco-conscious or ethically minded reader can discover the best products and tricks for their lifestyle.

environmentally friendly.

Our customers want eco-friendly, sustainable products that help them live an earth-friendly lifestyle. Our tips and reviews look to find the best alternatives to everyday products that can easily be integrated into your life. 


Living eco-friendly or shopping ethically doesn’t have to be expensive. There are plenty of alternatives out there to ensure everyone can contribute to a greener and better future for everyone. 


We don't believe in spending big and making drastic changes to your lifestyle if you can't keep up with them long term. That's why we try to promote changing little things over time to create a sustainable earth-friendly lifestyle overall. 

the eco life


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